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How to configure your own Global Key Performance Indicators?


Within the Player Dashboard it is also possible to configure your own Global Key Performance Indicators (KPI) or also set your own Player Type specific metrics. When you first use the Dashboard the performance values that determine the colour status of the data uses our default settings, however you can now set these if you have your own levels of monitoring you wish to apply.

The Global Key Performance indicators you can set are as follows:

Global Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Settings
Missed Health Checks
  • Warning after missed health checks
  • Alert after missed health checks

CPU Usage

  • Warning when % usage
  • Alert when % usage
Memory Usage
  • Warning when % usage
  • Alert when % usage

Disk Usage

  • Warning when % usage
  • Alert when % usage
  • Warning at °C
  • Alert at °C


  • Warning at reboots in minutes
  • Alert at reboots in minutes

Configuring your Key Performance Settings

To configure your own settings, please following these steps:

  1. To begin, please click on the cog icon that sits at the top of your Dashboard and this will take you in to the Global KPI Settings section.
  2. You will now see that each of the Key Performance settings already has a default value. To change any of these settings, please click on the relevant text area and make your change.
  3. After you have made your change you will need to click on the blue Save button which is at the bottom of the Global KPI Settings screen.

You have now successfully changed the global performance settings that your Player Dashboard will adhere to when providing information about how your Players are performing.

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