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Understanding the Player Dashboard icons and their purpose


The following table will show you the remaining features that are on the Player Dashboard and how these will assist you. Each of these features is identified by an Icon on the Dashboard, so let us take you through how these icons will appear and what they do:

  Icon Name Dashboard Position Purpose
Fullscreen Top of Dashboard Allows you to show the Player Dashboard in a Fullscreen View.
Refresh Top of Dashboard Allows you to refresh the Player Dashboard data.
Configure Top of Dashboard Allows you to configure your the key performance indicators (KPI) that your Dashboard will use to identify status and alerts.
Help Top of Dashboard Allows you to activate the help walkthrough, which will take you through how to use the Player Dashboard.
Go to Player Right of Player Row Takes you directly to the individual Player record, which is associated to the Player row of which you have clicked the icon.
Information Coloured Statistic Areas Provides identification that there is additional information associated to the filter data.
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