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How is Proof of Play setup?


If you are a beta user, or have purchased the Proof of Play application, then the application will be automatically added to the Applications Menu drop-down within your Signagelive network and will be available to you at any time.

After installation, upon selecting the application you will always be presented with the Proof of Play Dashboard which will give you an overview of your media impressions, top asset use and top Player usage:

Once enabled within your network, Proof of Play setup sections will become available within Signagelive against the following items:

  • Players
  • Media Assets
  • Layouts
  • Media Window
  • Playlists
  • Playlist Media Assets (the Media Assets when added to a Playlist time line)
  • Custom RSS Feeds
  • Custom RSS Feed Items
  • Custom RSS Feed Item Media Assets

These items will all show a checkbox to decide if the item should be included in Proof of Play and set any references which will be included within Proof of Play reports.

If Proof of Play is enabled on a Network, then new Players added to the Network will automatically be enabled to be included in Proof of Play Logging. If a Player is manually set to not be included in Proof of Play, they will never upload Proof of Play Logs, even if any of the Playback items are set to be included.

If a Player is set to be included in Proof of Play, then when items are scheduled to that Player, if those items are set to be included in Proof of Play, the Player will log the requested data.

Whether the items are included is calculated using a hierarchy of the scheduled items.

  1. Playlist Media Asset
  2. Playlist
  3. Media Window
  4. Layout
  5. Media Asset
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