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How can we switch between showing both playlist and layout content?


Another frequent question we are often asked relates to how a user can switch their content being displayed to meet one of the following methods:

  • Switch from showing a fullscreen playlist to a layout schedule.
  • Switch from showing a layout to a fullscreen playlist.
  • Switch from showing a fullscreen playlist to show another fullscreen playlist.
  • Switch from showing a layout to another layout.

Here’s how you do it…

When wanting to automatically change the schedule being displayed on your signagelive player, the feature you will need to use is named Interrupts. The ability to switch content styles will require you to carry out a series of steps, which we will highlight below. These steps are:

  1. Create an interrupt on your signagelive network which uses a Key Press / Mouse Click to activate a new fullscreen playlist or layout schedule.
  2. Assign an Interrupt asset in your playlist schedule which uses an automated key press.
  3. Deploy both the playlist and interrupt to your signagelive player.

So what is an interrupt?

In terms of signagelive, an interrupt is a keyboard key press or mouse click signal sent to a player, which then switches the content being played on the screen. When an interrupt is triggered the current content is paused and the configured interrupt media asset, playlist or layout will begin playing. An interrupt can be set to either run for a specific duration of time or continue playing until another interrupt is called to cancel the content from display on your player.

So how do I setup an Interrupt?

Our section on setting up a Key Press Interrupt can be found here:

When you have setup an interrupt on your signagelive network and deployed this to your relevant signagelive players then if you were too attach a keyboard to this player an press that relevant key then the interrupt would be called and your new schedule would play for the duration you have set. Obviously that is fine if you have a keyboard attached and someone who is willing to press the key but you can make this an automated process with the use of your playlist schedules.

Adding the Interrupt Asset to a Schedule

To begin setting up your interrupt asset in a playlist you will need to carry out the following steps:

  • Firstly you will need to click on the Content menu and then from the drop-down menu select Playlists.
  • You will now be within the Playlist Creator where you are able to create the playlists on your network.
  • If you now look at the left-hand side of the Playlist you will see a section named Smart Folders, please look within this section.
  • You should see a folder named Control Assets. Please click your mouse on this folder.


  • Your asset library will now refresh and you will be presented with two assets; these are Capture Card and Interrupt.


  • You drag and drop the Interrupt asset on to your playlist timeline just as you would with any other asset.
  • You will now be presented with a Select Interrupt Signal window and be able to select a key for your automated interrupt.

Select Interrupt Signal.jpg  Select_Interrupt_Signal_-_Select_your_Key.jpg

  • Your selected interrupt key will need to match that of the designated key within your created and deployed interrupt.
  • When you have selected your key, you can press the OK button and your asset will be added to your timeline.


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