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LG webOS - Known Issues and Limitations


Known Issues

The following table shows the currently known issues for the LG webOS client:

Issue Description Status

Content downloads fail when an external RSS Feed asset is published that performs a redirect.

We have worked with LG closely on this issue and we are now implementing a resolution for this issue. Coming Soon

Blue button won't display on screen menu

We are closely working with LG to resolve this but do not have an ETA as to when this will be fixed. In the meantime if you need to locate the player in your Signagelive network you will need the MAC address and we can locate it from here. Press the Settings button to open the Quick Settings menu. Then navigate to the Network option using the arrows and OK buttons and select the active network on the panel (either Ethernet or WiFi). The MAC address will be displayed and our Support Team will be able to locate the panel. Unresolved.


Known Limitations

This section discusses the known limitations with the LG webOS client:

Issue Description Status

Gapless Video Playback

Gapless Video Playback is not currently supported, but is coming soon. Coming Soon.

Video Rotation

Video Rotation is not currently supported, but is coming soon. Coming Soon.

Video Scaling

Video Scaling is supported on all LG webOS 2.0 panels.

If you are unsure if you have a supported panel for this feature, please consult the supported model article.

LG webOS 2.0 Panels Only


IPTV is supported on LG panels but only using HTTP Live streaming.

(HLS). RTP, RTSP are not supported, however RTP and RTSP support is coming with the LG webOS 3.0 release which is not yet available. This will be coming soon.

Coming Soon



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