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Apple Mac issues relating to the use of Right Click


Dear Customer,

Here at Signagelive we have been proactively monitoring an issue relating to Apple Mac users and their use of Signagelive with the Google Chrome browser. The issue relates to the flash plugin crashing when a right click is performed within certain sections of Signagelive.

We’d like to bring this to your attention if you were not aware and also take the opportunity to thank those customers who have been working with us to move forward on this issue.

Rest assured we have been investigating these issues for our customers, and tried a number of fixes, including downgrading the version of Flash being used.

As a result of these investigations, it is apparent that the issue was introduced when Google updated Chrome from version 38 to 39, which also included an update to Adobe Flash Player.

It is possible to downgrade the version of Adobe Flash used by the browser, but this has no effect on the crashing issues, which points to the issue actually being with the browser rather than Signagelive.

If you search Google for issues with right clicking within a browser on Apple Macs and Flash there are many known issues and in testing we found that these issues are also present in other browsers such as Safari and Mozilla Firefox.

We have raised the issue with Google, and are awaiting their response, but as you can understand, we cannot give any timescale or guarantee that this will be resolved in a future release of Google Chrome.

The only way we have managed to get Flash to stop crashing is by downgrading the version of Google Chrome to version 38 or below, again showing that the issue is with the browser rather than Adobe Flash.

As a Company we can point you towards some instructions to aid in the downgrading of Chrome, if this is the approach you wish to take, but we cannot support you in this process.

Kind Regards,

​​Ian Maison
Technical Support Manager

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