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What happens when Signagelive loses internet connectivity?


A common question asked to the Support Team is what happens to a signagelive hardware player when the internet connection is offline. Does the fact that internet connectivity is lost, disconnected or possibly offline for a long time have any effect on the signagelive software and what issues will this cause?.

The following guide will discuss these questions and take you through any concerns users may have about this topic:

Will signagelive work without a permanent internet connection?

Yes - The Signagelive software does not require a permanent internet connection to work properly. The only times you essentially require an internet connection is when you are firstly registering the player to your network and then when expecting new content updates to be downloaded.

Of course having an operational internet connection is desirable as without this you will not be getting updates about how your player is performing and will not see connection information about player health and content checks.

Will errors be shown on my screen should the internet connection go offline?

No - We can confirm that no errors will be shown on your Signagelive players regardless of whether you have an internet connection or not. The lack of connectivity has zero impact on the performance of your hardware player and in terms of scheduled content it will continue as normal.

The Signagelive software will not suddenly stop working and everything will continue as if you had a working internet connection. Signagelive performance is unaffected by internet connectivity being lost.

Will my content continue to play should the internet connection go offline?

Yes - We can confirm that your Signagelive player will continue to play the content schedules as normal and will play as per the schedules that have already been deployed successfully. If you have deployed default schedules, or have a schedule running that has not expired and your internet connection goes offine, then these schedules will continue working as per normal with no issues.

It is important to note that content that requires an internet connection such as flash clock widgets or webpages will not work as the internet connection is down. The reason for this is that these elements are reliant on a live connection to keep them being shown on the player.

Will my RSS Feeds continue to show without an internet connection?

Yes - Without an internet connection your RSS Feeds will continue to play as normal and are not reliant on a constant web connection. Your news stories will continue to loop for as long as you have scheduled them with no error messages or impact on the signagelive performance.

Please note you cannot expect for your RSS Feeds to update without a working internet connection. During any period where your internet connection is offline the RSS Feed news stories will remain as the last known update before the connection was lost.

When the internet connection begins working again, will I need to do anything?

No - You will not need to do anything when the internet connection returns. At the point when the player next tries to do a Health or Content Check it will connect to our server and begin communicating with your signagelive network again. You do not have to do anything as this is an automated process.

Also note that any un-downloaded schedules, or schedules deployed when the player connection was offline, will now also begin to be download and will begin playing as necessary when completed.

We hope that helps identify what happens with signagelive when your internet connectivity is lost. Please do not worry if you're running our software and do happen to lose internet connection as no errors or issues will be caused. The screens themselves remain unaffected and the only impact is that of not having the network monitoring functionality and of course not being able to deploy new content schedules.

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