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Why is my deployed content not showing with a Green Light Content Status?


A common question asked to the signagelive Support Team concerns users that have published content and the Content Status light has turned green, but the player has not begun playing the schedule. As a user it is always unsettling when the content does not show when you have a green light shown, but there are several factors and simple explanations as to why this may be happening and we’ll work through these points below:


Did your schedule get published in the first place?

We have had occasions where users believe they have published a schedule and have patiently waited for the content to begin playing on their screens, but the schedule was not successfully published in the first place. If the schedule has not been successfully published then the relevant media has no chance of being shown on your player. If you would like to check if your schedule have been published then you can follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Network menu and, from the tab options provided, select Manage Network.
  2. From the Network Manager can you please now, search for and, double click the player you have published content to.
  3. When you are now looking at the player you will see a series of tabs, please can you click on the Schedule Tab.
  4. When looking at the Schedule tab you should now see at least one deployment.
If you do not see any deployments, nor see your schedule in the list, then it would appear that the original deployment was not completed properly or not sent to this particular player. If this is the case then you will be required to published the schedule again to your required player.

Do you have the Combined Community Codec Pack installed?

If you have successfully published and your deployment/schedule status light for the player on the network has turned green, but you do not see the videos you have deployment then the likely cause will be you have not installed the Combined Community Codec Pack (CCCP). For all instalments of signagelive we always recommend that users install the Combined Community Codec Pack and having this will ensure your videos will be able to play correctly.

Here is a link to the Combined Community Codec Pack:

Please be aware that if you are installing the Codec Pack then you will not need to make any changes from the default installation settings. You can install with the settings provided.

Codec Pack.jpg

Is your Windows Date and Time Correct?

If your content has successfully published but is not being shown, it could be because your Windows Date and Time on your hardware player is not correct. The issue of incorrect Windows Dates and Times occurs quite a lot for new users, but it can also happen if the time-zones on your player are incorrect. If you player has incorrect times, or this does not match that of the schedules published then it could be that schedule has not recognised that it is need to start as yet; it could be waiting for an incorrect time before playing.

Windows_Date_and_Time_a.jpg   Windows_Date_and_Time_B.jpg

The issue of incorrect Windows Dates and Times can also have a direct impact on why certificate errors may appear when logging in or attempting to register:

Has your schedule time become active on your player?

Another common cause of why a schedule has downloaded but not begun playing is because the Start Date of the schedule has not actually active in terms of the date and time on your signagelive hardware player. If you have set a schedule to start in the evening but it is only morning, then the schedule may have downloaded already but the signagelive software is waiting for the evening before you content begins to player.


It could also be that the Windows Date and Time is incorrect on your signagelive hardware player, so you may wish to check this also. In a lot of cases it is simply because the Start time of the schedule has not been matched on the player as yet and it is waiting for this time setting to be met.

 If you have read through this guide and still cannot find a reason why your content is not downloading properly then please don't hesitate to contact the signagelive Support Team. We will be happy to help you with these issues via email, live help or telephone; alternatively you can raise a support case via our Zendesk Community or within your signagelive network.

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