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Corporate Communications Edition: How do I download the software?


When you are ready to install the Signagelive Corporate Communications Edition on to a hardware player, you will either need to be a trial user or have already purchased licences. Dependant on whether you are a new, or more experienced used, will determine at what stage you can download our software. If you are a new trial user, you will be allowed to download the software on the section where you specify which version you would like to trial. However, if you are more familiar with your network you will be able to download the software from your Signagelive user account.

How do I download the Corporate Communications Edition Software?

To begin downloading the Display Edition software, you will need to carry out the following steps:

  1. Firstly please navigate to the Helpful Downloads and Tools area of our Signagelive Help Centre, which you can find here.
  2. Under the section entitled Signagelive Client Software, please click on the Signagelive Corporate Communications Edition option and the relevant client software will begin to download to the device you are using to browse this area.
  3. Your download of the Signagelive Corporate Communications Edition will now begin and when complete can be found in the relevant folder that it was downloaded to. Once complete you will find the download was a .zip file named

You can now proceed to the next stage of installing the Corporate Communications Edition on to your device by following the steps provided below.

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