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SSSP - How do I rotate the screen?


When the application first starts the user has to select a timezone and orientation. This can be changed later by:

  1. Pressing the Red button
  2. Select the item to change (select button selects) - Orientation option
  3. Scroll with the up/down buttons to the selected item
  4. Press select to confirm the option
  5. When the user is happy with the options
  6. Select the Save button and the media player will restart
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    User: Fabrice Papazian , Network: Cedemo Demo

    Important restriction: Orientation change is not supported with videos on SSSP. Video has to be rotated before uploading to Signagelive platform.

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    Pete Colquitt

    Hi Fabrice, thanksfor highlighting this. I'm not sure if it's been discussed with you already, but we have a separate article highlighting Samsung SSP Native Portrait support now, which will allow you to rotate content on the E and F range displays, unlike their predecessors.
    The artice highlighting this is available here:

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