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LG webOS - Checking and Updating Firmware Version


With the Signagelive for LG webOS it is possible to check the version and updated the firmware at any time. Within the following guide, we will show you how to check both your current firmware version and then perform a firmware update.

Please note: Automatic firmware updates are not supported for LG displays and will need to be applied manually using a USB flash drive.

How to check your Firmware version?

It is possible to check the signage firmware of your LG webOS panel from the information application by carrying out the following steps:

  1. Please begin by clicking Home on the remote control.
  2. You will now need to select the Information application.

In the Information Application the firmware versions are listed are:

  • Software Version: SoC Firmware Version
  • Micom Version: Micom Firmware Version

You can now reference both of these versions to then understand what firmware version you have installed on your LG webOS panel.

How to perform a Firmware Update?

To update the Signagelive for LG webOS panel firmware you will be required to follow the below steps:

  • To begin you will need to download the latest firmware image file (.epk) for your LG panel from the below links.

LG webOS 3.2 (3.0+) Supported Displays

LG webOS 3.0 Supported Displays

LG webOS 2.0 Supported Displays

LG webOS 1.0 Supported Displays


  • Once you have downloaded your relevant firmware, please copy or move the downloaded firmware image file to the relevant path:
Earlier than v02.00.00 - If your current SoC firmware version is earlier than v02.00.00 then please store the image file within the /LG_DTV directory of the USB memory stick.
v02.00.00 or Later - If your current SoC firmware version is v02.00.00 or later then please store the image file within the
/LG_MONITOR directory of the USB memory stick.
  1. Please insert the USB Memory stick with your downloaded firmware version to your LG webOS signage player and the software update application will launch automatically.
  2. If the software update application does not launch automatically then see instructions below to launch the update utility manually.
  3. Once the Update window appears, please now click the Update button and then when the update is complete the LG webOS player will be automatically rebooted.
  4. If the current SoC firmware version v02.00.37 or earlier then please repeat steps 3 and 4 again after rebooting.
v02.00.37 or earlier versions - If you have v02.00.37 or an earlier version of the LG webOS signage then please do not update both the SoC firmware and Micom firmware at the same time. Therefore, the update will update will need to be performed twice and the Micom firmware version will be updated after the second firmware update.


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