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What is the "Hardware Changed - The Unique ID for this player appears to have changed" message?


Another new feature and screen message you may have come across on your signagelive network is the following:


What does this message mean?

If you have been shown this message prompt when navigating to a registered player on your network, then our software has reported that the identification data held on both your player and our signagelive server is no longer matching. When a player is registered, a unique identification key is stored on both the player and server and if the data held on the player is changed in some way then it will prevent your player from connecting.

What Player changes would cause this message to appear?

For this message to appear, one of the following elements will have been changed on your player:

  • The Windows serial number registered to your hardware player.
  • The MAC Address of the network adapter.
  • The CPU ID or Computer Name of your hardware player.
  • The GUID key that is stored within the signagelive area in the Windows Registry.

So how can I resolve this and make the data match again?

When you are asked by the message prompt “Do you wish to save this as your new ID?”, then you can ensure both the player and server data matches by simply pressing the OK button. This will ensure the data matches and the player can begin connecting to our signagelive server again.


Is there a limit on how many times a user can update the Hardware ID?

Yes. A user can only update their hardware ID on a player via their network on three occasions. If this limit has been reached then you will be presented with a message prompt informing you that the limit has been reached and you must now contact the signagelive Support Team.

Hardware ID Limit Reached.jpg

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