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How do I get my FlickR Photostream in Signagelive?


We are often asked by users about how they can get their photo albums from from resources such as FlickR or Photobucket showing on their Signagelive players. The following guide will focus on how a user can achieve this with FlickR and how they can get their albums firstly on to their network and then deployed to their registered Signagelive players.

Logging in to your FlickR Account

To begin you will firstly need to login to your FlickR account and need to carry out the following steps:

  1. Firstly please can you navigate to the webpage and login to your FlickR account.
  2. When logged in, you should be on your FlickR profile page and will see section titles such as “Your Photostreams” and “Your Contacts”.Starting_with_FlickR.jpg
  3. If you cannot see this information then you will need to click on the Home link within your FlickR profile.

Where to find your FlickR Media RSS Feed

  1. When ready, click on the “Your Photostream” link as shown in the screenshot below.Your Photostream.jpg
  2. When you have clicked the “Your Photostream” link you will be taken to a page which shows your FlickR Photostream. You will now need to scroll down the page and you will find an area named "Subscribe to yourusername's Photostream".subscribing_to_a_feed.jpg
  3. It is these links that will give you a URL for the images within your Photostream and this will act as Media RSS Feed when added to your signagelive network. Please click on the link titled Latest and it should look like this when opened in your browser.Your_FlickR_Feed.jpg

  4. From the opened URL you will see the images and the associated titles for all photos that have been added to this photostream. What you now need to do is Copy and Paste the URL for this page:Flicker_URL.jpg

How to add the FlickR Feed to your signagelive Network

When you have copied the URL from the Photostream RSS Feed all you now need to do is:

  1. Login to your signagelive network at
  2. Click on the Content menu, then select the Assets menu and then click Add Assets
  3. Click on the Add URL button and the “What type of URL would you like to Add?” window will appear.
  4. From this window you will need to click the second option “Add RSS Feed” button that is available.
  5. You will now be shown the Add New RSS Feed window and will be able to begin adding your feed.
  6. Within the Add New RSS Feed window you will firstly need to give your RSS Feed a friendly name.
  7. You can then select whether your RSS Feed uses HTTP:// or HTTPS:// and then enter the full URL.Adding_the_RSS_Feed_window.jpg
  8. You will then need to tick the “I confirm I have permission to use and distribute this asset” box.
  9. You can then click the OK button and the RSS Feed will be added to the “Your Media Queue” area.
  10. With your files added to your Media Queue as per the above screenshot, you will now need to click on tick-box: "I confirm I have permission to use and distribute these assets" on the Confirmation Required window.Confirmation_Required.jpg
  11. When you have ticked the relevant box, you will now need to click on the OK button and your FlickR asset will now be uploaded to your network.
  12. You will now be asked whether you’d like to automatically add this asset into a new playlist, however, you don’t necessarily have to do this straight away. The asset can be used and added to a playlist at any time, but for the purposes of the guide we will be selecting Yes to the Assets Uploaded window prompt and will show you what to do next.Assets_Uploaded.jpg
  13. When you have clicked on the Yes button, you will now be taken to the signagelive Playlist Creator and your FlickR RSS Feed asset will be automatically added to your Playlist Timeline.Playlist_Timeline.jpg
  14. It is now up to you to set the duration of how long you wish for the FlickR Feed to play within your playlist. You can do this as normal by resizing the asset on timeline and when your happy with the playlist you can save your work as per normal. You would save this playlist by clicking on the green Save Playlist button on right-hand side of your timeline.
  15. You will need to give your FlickR playlist a name and then you can click on the Save button.
  16. By this stage you have successfully created an asset that will show your FlickR Media RSS Feed, you will now need to deploy this playlist as a fullscreen or layout style presentation as normal and then it will display your images as required.
Please note the following additional points when working with the FlickR feed:
  • The FlickR Feed is going to be an MRSS (Media RSS) and so you WILL NOT need to save your playlist as a Ticker.
  • If used in a layout will need to be added to a Schedulable Window NOTa RSS Zone.
  • Each time your FlickR asset is played in the playlist will be when it moves to the next photograph.


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