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What is the Signagelive Uptime Guarantee?


Signagelive is hosted at Rackspace, we use three products from Rackspace, Cloud Servers, CloudFiles and Cloud Load Balancers, the SLA from Rackspace for each product is below, along with a brief description of our bespoke monitoring capabilities and recovery procedures.

Cloud Servers

Network: We guarantee that our data center network will be available 100% of the time in any given monthly billing period, excluding scheduled maintenance.

We guarantee that data center HVAC and power will be functioning 100% of the time in any given monthly billing period, excluding scheduled maintenance. Infrastructure downtime exists when Cloud Servers™ downtime occurs as a result of power or heat problems.

Cloud Server Hosts: We guarantee the functioning of all cloud server hosts including compute, storage, and hypervisor. If a cloud server host fails, we guarantee that restoration or repair will be complete within one hour of problem identification.

Migration: If a cloud server migration is required because of cloud server host degradation, we will notify you at least 24 hours in advance of beginning the migration, unless we determine in our reasonable judgement, that we must begin the migration sooner to protect your cloud server data. Either way, we guarantee that the migration will be complete within three hours of the time that we begin the migration.

Guarantee: We guarantee that Cloud Files™ service will be available 99.9% of the time in a given billing cycle.

Unavailability: Unavailability means: (i) The Rackspace Cloud network is down, or (ii) the Cloud Files™ service returns a server error response to a valid user request during two or more consecutive 90 second intervals, or (iii) the Content Delivery Network fails to deliver an average download time for a 1-byte reference document of 0.3 seconds or less, as measured by The Rackspace Cloud's third party measuring service.

Unavailability due to scheduled maintenance is excluded from these conditions and does not contribute towards unavailability calculations.

Load Balancers: We guaranty that the load balancing service will be available 99.99% of the time in any given monthly billing period, excluding scheduled maintenance. In the event of a Load Balancer failure, the system is to failover to a partner device. In this event, the failover is to result in less than 30 seconds of disruption.

Signagelive Bespoke Monitoring

Availability Monitoring: General server availability is tested every minute via ping, along with functional monitoring such as database or website availability. A server is determined to have failed if functional or general availability monitors fail five consecutive times.

Server Failure Recovery: In the event of server failure immediate action is taken to remove the failed server from the system, replace if with another server if appropriate. A new server is then immediately built and inserted in its place. The server build process can take up to sixty minutes.

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