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Why is my deployed content not showing? (Red Light Content Status)


One of the most common questions asked to the Signagelive Support Team concerns users that have deployed content via their network but this has not successfully begun playing on their screen. As a user it is always unsettling when the content does not show, but there are several factors and simple explanations as to why this may have happened and we’ll work through these points below:


Has your player done a Content Check since deploying?

One of the common reasons why your content has not begun playing is because the player has not done an automatic Content Check since your deployment. When you look at any of the registered players on your Signagelive network you will find that they all have a Content Check setting, which allows you to define how often your player will attempt to communicate with our server and see if new content schedules have been deployed.


If you have deployed but your player has not done its Content Check, then you will have a period of time to wait until the next check is made. Here are a few scenarios for you to show how this process would work:

Understanding_the_Content_Check_A.jpg    Understanding_the_Content_Check.jpg

As you can see from the examples above, the duration between when you deploy and the next Content Check, can have a big impact on how long it takes for content to appear on your screen. Our estimated download times are for demonstration purposes only but if you are likely to be using large videos on slower connections then it is quite possible that the wait time will be longer.

If you are testing the software then restarting Signagelive or doing a player reboot (with Signagelive in the autostart process) will allow for an instant Content Check. This is a good tip for all users who are testing the Signagelive software and those who wish to see content quicker.

Is Signagelive running on your Media Player/Computer?

For your content to download Signagelive will need to be running on your player. We have had a few instances where users have installed our software but Signagelive has not been running.

Does your Player have a working Internet Connection?

For your content to download Signagelive schedules your device must have a working internet connection. If your content is not downloading to the player and/or your player is not performing Health or Content Checks even though the software is running then it is quite likely your internet connection is not working.


A good way to test this is to carry out the following steps:

  1. If the Signagelive software is running then please click on the ESC Key a couple of times to stop the software from running.
  2. You will now likely be on the Windows Desktop and will need to open up an Internet Explorer browser.
  3. Within the browser can you please try and get to the following website:
If you can see the page then that’s great. You do not need to login as this is just a test you can navigate to the page. If you cannot load this page then we advise you try any other websites to ensure you internet connection is working, if this is not the case then you will need to resolve your internet connection.

Is your content still deploying?

In a lot of cases it can be something as simple as the content is still downloading from our Signagelive server to your hardware player. If you have been rebooting the player this may cause the content/files to have try and retry the download process.

A good tip for users wondering if the content is still downloading would be to check if the player is still doing Health and Content Checks. A player will cease to perform both of these check-in types whilst a content download is taking place and so can be a good indication if things are successfully working.

What is the Speed of your Internet Connection?

Quite often the delay in why content has not begun showing on your screen is due to a slow internet connection. The speed and type of internet connection associated with the Signagelive player can have a major impact on the length of time it takes for media to begin playing. If you do have a slower connection, or on wireless, then sometimes it can take a few extra minutes for your content to begin playing.


Could there be an issue with your deployment?

Sometimes it is possible that a user has deployed content that will not be successfully deployed due to various issues. Here are a few questions you may wish to consider:

Have you deployed an RSS Feed?:

If you believe the issue relates to the RSS Feed then we would advise you trying opening that feed within an Internet Explorer browser. For the best results we would advise that you try doing this on the actual Signagelive player itself, as it could be that the player cannot access the feed but other hardware can.

Are you trying to use an IPTV Stream?:

If you believe the issue relates to the IPTV Stream then we would advise you turn off the Signagelive software and then use a browser to download the VLC media player. If you cannot get the IPTV Stream to work within the VLC Media Player then there is most likely an issue with the stream, or the player being unable to access the stream itself. (Check Firewall settings if this is the case)

You can download VLC Media Player from:

Is the video you are trying to show corrupted?:

We have had instances where the videos themselves are corrupted or pause in the middle of their playback. If a certain video is not playing or you feel the video could be the cause of the issue we recommend that you stop the Signagelive software and then try running your video in the Windows Media Player software.

If the video does not play or is shown to be corrupted in Windows Media Player then this will be the cause of the problem and this video should be investigated or re-encoded.

Is the webpage URL you are trying to use active?:

If you believe the issue could related to a webpage that you have used then we advise you stop the Signagelive software and try to view your webpage URL in an Internet Explorer browser. If the webpage does not load in the browser, then there is a problem with this URL. (The URL could be incorrect or the webpage is offline)

Is the media that you have deployed supported within Signagelive?:

One final thing you could check is that the media you have deployed is actually supported by the Signagelive software. If you are unsure of this, then please refer to the following guide:

If you have read through this guide and still cannot find a reason why your content is not downloading properly then please don't hesitate to contact the Signagelive Support Team. We will be happy to help you with these issues via email, live help or telephone; alternatively you can raise a support case via our Zendesk Community or within your account on Signagelive.

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    User: Tim Allen

    Hi, I can't seem to get the SIgnage Live content deployed - It started with not rtecognising a change to our RSS feed (Which we do every day) - We rebooted the player and now cant deploy any content.


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    Ian Maison

    Hi Timothy,

    No problem, I'll create a ticket for you and take a look at your network now.

    I will be in touch shortly.

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