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How to use a Custom Font within the Layout Designer?


Within the Signagelive Layout Designer there are several text fonts available that can be used for your static text and RSS tickers. However, we appreciate that users will sometimes wish to use their own custom fonts due to personal choice or for company branding purposes. If you do need to use a font that does not appear in the Signagelive Layout Designer you can add your own fonts as per the guide below:

Installing the Font on to your Computer

  • To begin you will need to install your custom font on the hardware PC that you are currently using to design your layouts.
  • At this point we recommend you put your custom font file on to your Windows Desktop (or an easy to find location).

locating_your_font.gif installing_your_font.gif

  • When you have added your custom font file to your desired location, you will need to right click this file with your mouse and select Install from the drop-down menu that will appear on your screen.
  • When you have clicked Install an "Installing Fonts" window prompt will appear and your font file will be added to your computer.
When your font has been added to your computer, you should now be able to locate this file within your Windows Fonts folder as per the screenshot below. The location of this folder will depend on your operating system (our image is based on Windows 7) but this can generally be found within the Start > Control Panel > Fonts section.

Selecting the Font within your Layout Designer

With your custom font now installed on your computer you can now refresh your Signagelive Layout Designer window whether you are already within this feature or just navigate to this feature as per normal. This can be found within the Content > Layouts menu system. You will also be required to open the Layout of your choice so that it is now opened within the Layout Designer, or alternatively you may now be making a new layout from scratch and would have gone through the Creation Wizard process.
  • You should now have your Layout Design showing within your Layout Designer preview and will have either a series of Static Text or a RSS Zone added to your template. When ready, please click on the relevant zone and you will be presented with a relevant Text section that will allow you to select a font style for the relevant area.
  • From the relevant Font drop-down menu, you should now be able locate the name of the custom font that you previously added to your computer. Please locate and select this font and this will be selected for the zone you have selected in your preview.

You can now continue as normal with your Layout Design and make any additional changes that you desire. When you have made these changes you will then need to save your design changes and will need to click on the Home tab and then click the Save button as per the screenshot below.


Uploading the Font for use from your Layout Designer

On saving your layout design you will be asked to select how you would like to save your work. You can of course automatically update players that are already running this layout, or simply save the layout for future use or manual deployment. When you have made your choice you will be presented with the below Save window prompt:
  • You will now be required to click on the "Yes I'll upload the font now" button as shown above.
  • You will now be required to locate your font file within the Open window as per the screenshot below.
Please Note: You cannot select the font you wish to use from the Windows Fonts folder itself, therefore to get around this we advise you place a copy of your font on your Windows Desktop and use this directory when selecting the file to be uploaded.
  • When you have selected your font you can now proceed and your custom font will be uploaded and your layout design will be saved.

Congratulations you have just successfully uploaded your own custom font to the Signagelive Layout Designer. Your custom font will be deployed to the registered players when you now deploy this layout. You will not require to manually install the font on the Signagelive players themselves.

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