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Configuring your Signagelive player to show TV Content?


Assuming you have a Capture Card / TV Tuner attached to your hardware player, you are now able to configure this device within the signagelive configuration tool. Within this tool you will be able to configure your Capture Card / TV Tuner device and preview what content should be running on the device when the Capture Card asset has been scheduled play within our software.

To setup your Capture Card / TV Tuner device within the signagelive software you will need to:

  • Firstly click on the Start button and then select Programs or All Programs.
  • You will now need to click on the signagelive folder and will need to then click on the signagelive configuration option.
  • The signagelive configuration wizard will now open and you will be presented with three options, please click the Advanced option.

You will now be taken through three configuration screens, which you can click Next on each one to bypass the questions. If you would like to complete these windows, then these are the questions you will be asked:

  1. Optimise my Computer?: This setting is only recommended for dedicated signagelive devices as it will apply player performance tweaks.
  2. Start signagelive when Windows Starts?: This setting allows you to set whether signagelive will automatically start on a player boot-up.
  3. Windows Logon?: Allows you to set whether the user and login credentials for the hardware player.
  4. Media Storage - Edit Media Storage Settings?: Allows you to change the default locations of the media, logs and configuration files.

When you have gone through these windows, made your choices and clicked Next to scroll through the options, you will now be presented with a Video Capture window. This is the window that allows you to configure and preview your Capture Card / TV Tuner device within signagelive.

Video Capture Window.jpg

You will now be able to tweak the following settings within the Video Capture window to begin finding your TV Content:

General Settings

  • Video Device: Allows you to select which TV Tuner/Capture Card device you wish to use.
  • Video Input: Allows you to set your Video Input, which is generated from the attached capture device.
  • Video Standard: Allows you to set the video standard of your capture device. PAL or NTSC etc.
  • Audio Enabled: Allows you to specify whether you would like audio to be enabled or disable for your TV content.

 TV Tuner

  • Tuner Type: Allows you to specify whether your TV Tuner signal is either through Cable or Analogue.
  • Current Channel: Allows you to set the TV Channel that will be used.
  • Country Code: Allows you to set the Country Code that the device will need to use.

Within the Video Capture window in the General Settings area, you will need to carry out the following steps to locate your relevant TV content:

  1. From the Video Device drop-down menu, select the relevant Capture Card / Tv Tuner that you wish to use.
  2. You will then be required to select your Video Input, this will have options such as Tuner, Composite or SVideo.
  3. When you have selected the input source of your device, you can select the Video Standard for your location.
  4. If you would like audio to be played with your TV content, then please click on the Audio Enabled tick box.

If you have not selected the Tuner option from the Video Input drop-down menu, then you should now see your TV Content in the preview window. When you are happy you have located your necessary TV content you can click on the Next button to proceed to the next stage of the signagelive Configuration Tool.

Please note: that Signagelive does not support the use of digital Signals via the Tuner setting on a Capture Card. In the event of using Hauppauge, we are aware that there are instances where WINTV will show the channels however this is a different software to Signagelive and does not work in the same way.

Setting up the Video Capture for Tuners with an Analogue signal

If you have selected Tuner from the Video Input drop-down menu, you can now navigate to the TV Tuner section on the Video Capture window and carry out the following steps:

  1. From the Tuner Type drop-down menu, please select how your Tuner signal is configured. This will be Analogue.
  2. Within the Country Code area, please enter your relevant Country Code. If you are unsure of your setting, take a look here:
  3. When you have selected your Tuner Type and Country Code, please click on the Search for Channels button.
  4. Within the area below the Search for Channels button the configuration tool will now search for available channels.
  5. When complete, and if successful, please enter the number of an available channel within the Current Channels area.
  6. When you have added your channel, you should now see your TV content in the preview window.
  7. When you are happy to proceed, please click on the Set button.

When you are happy you have located your necessary TV content you can click on the Next button to proceed to the next stage of the signagelive Configuration Tool.

After clicking Next you will be at the final stage of the signagelive Configuration Tool and can click the Save Settings button to save your changes and then close the wizard. Assuming you have now deployed your Capture Card content to the player and also successfully located and set the TV Channel or desired input on your hardware player, the next time you launch our software the player will begin downloading and then begin playing the TV Capture Card content when successfully deployed.

Here's an example of how the Capture Card content would present itself:

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