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How do I remove a licence from a Player?


The following article is specific to the method required to remove licence information from a Windows PC Player running Signagelive. The process of licence information removal is  common practice if you are swapping the software on to a new player in the event of hardware failure or just wishing to trade one licence for another on your network.

Please Note: This option is only available on the latest version of the Signagelive Client -, which is downloadable here via our Help Center.

Removing your Licence from your Player

To remove the licence from your Windows PC Player you will need to carry out the following steps:

  1. Click Start and select Programs or All Programs.
  2. Please now click the Signagelive folder.
  3. Within the Signagelive folder please click on the Remove Signagelive Licence Information option.
  4. A Signagelive Licence Removal Tool will now appear, you will need to click on the Clear Licence Information option to complete this removal process.
  5. After this has been clicked, you will receive confirmation that this has been done.
Please Note: Removal of the licence information will still require to deactivate the licence currently associated to this Windows PC Player. If you do not deactivate then the licence will still be associated irrespective of completing the steps above.
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