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Signagelive for Chrome - Content and Feature Support


The following guide confirms the current content and feature support of the Signagelive for Chrome. The items covered in this guide include documentation for supported file types, scheduling, feature support, ticker features, configuration and settings.

Please use the following navigation to locate the information you need to know about the Signagelive for Chrome platform:

Supported File Types and Codecs

Feature Supported File TypesCodecs
Image .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG, .GIF, .BMP  
Video .MP4, .AVI, .MOV, .M4V, .MKV, .M4A H.264, MPEG4, vp8, DIVX, XVID
Audio .MP3, .WAV .MP3, .AAC

Scheduling Capabilities

Feature Description Supported?
Just in Time Scheduling Yes
Forward Scheduling Yes 
Screen On/Off Control Yes 
Control Interrupts in Playlist No 
Interactive Kiosk Mode Yes
Content scheduled as an Interrupt Yes (with Interactive Kiosk Mode enabled)
Validity of assets in Playlist Yes 
 Keyboard Interrupt / Trigger No 
Conditional Tags Yes
Automatic Reboot of Player No
Content Check Frequency Yes
Health Check Frequency Yes
Proof of Content Delivery Yes

Media Support

Feature Description Full Screen MediaMultizone Media Support
Video  Yes Yes
Images  Yes Yes
Media RSS  Yes Yes 
Webpages  Yes Yes 
Video Input  Yes No
RSS Ticker   Yes 
Layout Background Image   Yes 
Default Assets per Zone   Yes 

Ticker Features

Feature Description Supported?
Background Image Yes
Background Colour Yes 
Font Size Yes 
Font Colour Yes 
Custom Fonts Yes 
Separator Image Yes 
Left-to-Right Animation Yes 
Right-to-Left Animation Yes 
Top-to-Bottom Animation Yes 
Bottom-to-Top Animation Yes 
Fade In/Out Animation Yes 

Configuration and Settings

Feature Description Supported?
Offline Content Playback Support Yes
Screen Rotation (including Portrait) Yes
System Information Reporting Yes
Timezone Configuration Yes 
Ethernet Configuration No 
Wireless Configuration No 
Automatic Application Updates Yes 
Automatic Firmware Updates Yes (by Google)
Volume Control No
Mute Control No
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