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Standard Edition: How to activate your player?


After configuring the Display Edition software to your hardware device you are now ready to activate your device with a Signagelive Display licence. The process of activating your device against a licence is very simple to achieve and can be done by following the below guide.

Running the Signagelive Configuration Wizard

To run the Configuration Wizard via your device you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Please click on the Start menu from your Windows desktop area.
  2. From the Start Menu, please click on the Signagelive folder.
  3. Within the Signagelive folder, please click on the Signagelive Configuration option.

The Signagelive Configuration Wizard will now launch in a few moments and when complete, will show you three options that you can use to configure your device. In the following section we will go through each of the options:

The options shown within the Configuration Wizard at this stage are shown in the following guide should you wish to know more about how they can be used.

Selecting how you would like to activate your device

After selecting your configuration option, you will now be presented with two ways that you can register your Display Edition device. The screen will be titled "Activate Signagelive" and from this you will need to select: select "I don't have a 16 digit licence code"

If you select that you do no have 16 digit licence code then you can generate an Activation Code which you can add against a supported licence on your network.

To complete you registration with this route you will need to:

  1. Make a note of the 6 digit Activation Code that is shown within the Activation Instructions window.
  2. Click on the Login into Signagelive link, or navigate to your network at
  3. Within your network, please click on the Settings and then Licences menus.
  4. Please locate the licence you wish to activate against and then please click on the 16 digit code shown.
  5. When you click on the code you will be shown a Licence Summary page and this will include an Activate Player section. Within this section, please enter your 6 digit activation code which was shown in the Configuration Wizard.
  6. To finish, please now click the Activate Player button and the device will now be activated against your network.

Whichever option of registration you chose, you have now successfully activated your hardware device using the Display Edition with a Signagelive licence.

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