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How to change the background image of your Custom RSS Feed?


Within the Custom RSS Feed editor feature it is now possible to change the background image used within your items and this removes the need to have to recreate your entire feed again if you need to make any changes. To be able to change the background image you will need to carry out the following steps:

  1. To begin you must navigate to the Custom RSS Feed area by clicking on the Content menu.
  2. From the Content menu, please click Assets and then select the Message Manager Template Editor menu option.
  3. You will now be taken a list of all Custom RSS Feeds currently added to your network. Please click on the name of the feed you wish to change the background image for and you will proceed to the next step of editing.
  4. You will now be within the feed you selected, please now click on the blue Edit Item cog to the right of the item you wish to amend the background for within your feed. If you are unsure where this will be, all of the items within a feed are located at the bottom of the page.
  5. You will now be viewing the Item selected, please now click on the blue Edit Image cog and you'll be taken in to the Custom RSS Feed editor with your image and text shown within the preview.
  6. To change the background image from what has loaded, please click on the Background tab option.
  7. You will now be presented with an option that allows you to change the background. To begin this process, please click on the blue Change Background Image button and then follow the next prompts provided about where to locate your desired background.Change_Background_Image.jpg
  8. You will now have the change to locate your desired background from either your existing Signagelive library of media, or whether to upload this from the computer you are using. Please select the appropriate option to proceed.
  9. Once you've uploaded the new image then the background image within your feed will be changed and all text areas will remain unaffected.

You have now successfully change the background image of a feed.

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