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Release Notes for the Signagelive Cloud

May 2016 - SSSP Synchronisation, Playlist Media Asset Actions...

  • Added: Added support for synchronisation on the SSSP
  • Added: Added Playlist Media Asset Actions
  • Added: Added capture card support for XMP-6400
  • Fix: Fixed an issue that would prevent users from editing layout properties for networks that do not have PoP enabled.
  • Fix: Fixed saving a playlist or layout that is scheduled as an interrupt would not force any API players with the interrupt scheduled to get their latest content
  • Fix: Fixed an issue with SMIL displaying incorrectly when multiple layouts are scheduled
  • Improvement: Updated French Translations

September 2015 - Conditional Playback in Nested & Local Playlists and Fixes

  • Improvement: Added support for Asset Validity and Recurrence within Nested and Local Playlists for all Players except PC Players
  • Fix: Customer Password not accepted by Signagelive - “minus symbol issue”
  • Fix: Fixed the minus sign not being recognised in passwords as a special character
  • Improvement: Made it so that Folder Tags are shown as disabled on a Media Asset so they cannot be deleted
  • Fix: Fixed CRC of Signagelive tick for Player API Players
  • Improvement: Added auto login when the user is asked to set their password prior to logging in
  • Fix: UI: Player Dashboard text change is fine however the filter headers don’t reflect the change
  • Fix: UI: Getting started wizard doesn’t load when using all of the different language options
  • Fix: Fixed issue with Include in Proof of Play on Message Manager templates not being saved
  • Fix: Fixed issue where Proof of Play References could not be removed from Playlists or Layouts
  • Fix: Fixed issue where you couldn't not change the configuration of Nested Playlists when Proof of Play was enabled on a Network
  • Fix: Screen Control indicator does not take daylight saving into account
  • Improvement: Added bundling of css and javascript files to overcome caching issue when doing a release
  • Improvement: Fixed caching issue with dashboard when doing a release
  • Fix: Fixed sizing issues with dashboard on smaller screens
  • Improvement: Updated the Players connection / not connecting tool tip to be a more accurate description
  • Fix: Updated the filter labels to match the selections at the top of the dashboard
  • Fix: Dashboard does not scroll on smaller screens such as the iPad
  • Fix: Forgotten password page does not always load
  • Improvement: Added support for Gills Sans Font on Message Manager Template Editor
  • Fix: Changed password requirements message to say 12 instead of 6 characters
  • Fix: Fixed issue with using the fixed Player Lists when Publishing a default playlist
  • Fix: Login Page - When entering a non email address as a username warn the User this is incorrect

May 2015 - Player Dashboard, Proof of Play BETA, Styling, Improvements and Fixes

  • Updated Signagelive Styling
  • New Player Dashboard
  • Added "Getting Started" Wizard when no Players are registered on the Network
  • Moved Help with this Page, Knowledge Base and Downloads links to the "Support Zone" at the bottom of the screen, to be visible on all Pages
  • Updated the Zopim Live Chat widget to the new Zendesk Web Widget to add Help Centre search prior to Live Chat
  • Added the ability to Schedule Reboots at chosen times and set a Reboot to occur after the next content check for PC Player, Enhanced SMIL, SSSP, LG and Chrome OS
  • If a Local User adds a Media Asset within Aviary it was not available to be used by that Local User
  • Ability to save a Playlist with no Media Assets in it
  • Changed Custom RSS Editor to be named Message Manager Template Editor
  • Ability to Search on Feed Name in the Message Manager Template Editor Feed Browser and the Message Manager Feed Browser
  • Fixed "Recent Networks" list in My Signagelive so Networks are shown in the correct order

February 2015 - Security, Improvements and various bug fixes.


  • Improvement: Passwords are no longer sent within emails. It is now not possible for Users to get password reminders containing the password. Password validation has now been added and new users are sent an Activation Email and have to reset their Passwords on first login.


  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where the first video is missed on the first playback after restart on Enhanced SMIL.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where the duration on interrupts for external sources was incorrect.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where ticker playlists would not work on Enhanced SMIL Players. 


  • Improvement: Added a warning message when the user tried to set the valid-from time on a playlist media asset after the valid-to time.
  • Improvement: The remove button is now visible on interrupts in the player manager.
  • Improvement: Improved Smart Folders always staying minimised when logging in, if they have ever been minimised.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue with blank items in the context menu on Macs.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue where the Last Health and Content Checks were blank in the Player Manager.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed the screen control on/off light for Player API players in non UT timezones.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue where layout thumbnails are not updated when the layout is altered.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue where Screen control times were different from those selected in the global screen control window.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue where a web zone asset is reset to none when a layout is edited.

Player API

  • Improvement: Added validity on nested/local playlists, and on external sources.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where the Last modified date was incorrect when the player was deactivated.


      • Improvement: We have updated our default Signagelive content to a new design.

Message Manager

      • Bug Fix: Fixed issue where text zones could not be edited when a language, such as French or Spanish was selected.


October 2014 - Custom RSS Editor Improvements and various bug fixes.

Custom RSS Editor

      • Custom RSS and Message Manager alignment to match Rendered Image.
      • Ability to Duplicate Message Manager Feeds.
      • Ability to edit background images on Custom RSS editor/Message Manager.
      • Copy/Paste text boxes in the message manager.
      • When adding a new Message Manager user have the ability to auto add them to all feeds.
      • When adding Message Manager users add option to add existing users.
      • Custom Media RSS Editor- When entering text editable areas, the floating text edit dialogue box has been improved and streamlined.
      • Transparent PNG's in the message manager are now supported.
      • When setting the background colour of a text box in the Custom RSS Editor the Background Fade is now automatically set to 10 so the colour is shown.
      • When adding a New Message Manager User, cancel now returns the User to the Message Manger User list for that Feed rather than the Settings > Users section.
      • Reordering of Assets within a Custom RSS Feed now saves.
      • Message Manager now shows any selected background colour for text boxes.
      • Ability to change Text Box Background and Font Colour by manually entering a HEX code.


      • Read Only user level now works correctly.
      • Fixed bug with user logins being added to the audit trail twice.
      • Stripped leading and trailing spaces from an email address when creating a user.


      • Dashboard Pie Charts no longer include Players unable to report their Content Status.

Asset manager

      • Fixed Multi Delete of objects, Multi Permanent Delete and Multi Restore.
      • Prevent trashed assets from being added to the playlist timeline.
      • Remove assets from the playlist timeline (if a playlist with that asset is open) when the asset is trashed.
      • Users cannot see non-local media assets in folders.

Playlist creator

      • Conditional playback tags are lost when save as button is used.
      • Add Last Modified Date to Playlists.
      • If a Nested / Local Playlist Playlist is Trashed then it is removed from any Master Playlists.
      • Nested and Local Playlist which are Auto Generated Playlists are now visible to all Admins and Users.
      • Added Recently Updated Smart Folder to Playlist Manager.
      • Empty Playlists are now given the Playlist Icon instead of the Unsupported Icon.

Layout manager

  • Enable the layout designer to scroll layout elements when the screen is a small resolution.
  • Fixed bug where leading zeros were removed from hex colour codes when selecting font colours in the layout manager.
  • Changed the text when uploading assets in the layout designer to make sense.
  • System Layout has been renamed as Template within the Layout Creator.
  • If the same custom font is used for multiple Text Boxes on a Layout only list it on the upload dialog once.
  • Default Asset on Web Zone in Layout Designer is not shown on Load.


  • Added network name to notification emails.
  • In the publish manager when selecting a list of Players the User is asked if they want to add them all, also added logic so if they don't and then manually add each they won't be asked if they want to save the list again, if they do publish to all players in the list they won't be asked to save the list again, but will be if they aren't publishing to all players in the selected list.
  • When a RSS Feed is the 1st asset in a playlist the publisher now shows the RSS icon.
  • The ability to select zones without double-clicking on the zone itself, a list of all zones is now shown.

Player manager

  • Players are now deactivated when moved to the trash.
  • Fixed ability to reactivate a licence without a player description.
  • Manually setting the resolution of a Player in the System Tab of the Player record now saves successfully.


  • Add site name to the licence management page.

July 2014 - Global Screen Control and other improvements.

New Features

  • Added ability to set global screen control.


  • Improved Nested and Local Playlists publish instantly.
  • Improved Custom RSS Feeds to publish instantly.
  • Removed need of saving Custom RSS Feeds from the Feed page. Saving changes to edited image will cause update to all devices.
  • Removed unusable fonts from Message Manager and Custom RSS Editor.
  • Removed Publishing question regarding the adding of all players that have no warnings.

 Language Changes

  • Replaced all references to “Remote Media Limited” with “Signagelive Limited” in the Signagelive Downloads page.
  • Changed the label for the user’s username to “Email Address” on the Signagelive login page for English translations.
  • Changed the screen control method setting default option label from “Windows Power Save Mode” to “Default” in the screen control tab for English translations.
  • Removed the dialog from the publish manager that immediately asks you if you want to add all players that do not have any warnings.

June 2014 - User Interface Update and Tweaks

New Features

  • Added Custom RSS Deletion Functionality
    • Add Feed to Trash – will also add the linked Media Asset to the Trash and Remove from any Playlists, or as a Default Media Asset
    • Add Media Asset to Trash – will also add the linked Custom Feed to the Trash
    • Restore Feed from Trash – will also restore the linked Media Asset
    • Restore Media Asset from Trash – will also restore the linked Custom Feed
    • Permanently Delete Feed – will also permanently delete the linked Media Asset
    • Permanently Delete Media Asset – will also permanently delete the linked Custom Feed
    • Any previously Trashed Custom RSS Feed Media Assets, the linked Feeds will be automatically shown in the Trash
    • Any previously Deleted Custom RSS Feed Media Assets, the linked Feeds will be automatically Deleted

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where when Uploading a New Asset as a Custom RSS Item the Confirmation of Upload Page would not show the Thumbnail
  • Fixed issue with Custom RSS Editor where the Text Areas would be added to the background image permanently and could not be edited.
  • Fixed issue where Asset Tags are not saved against the correct Media Asset if the Media Asset is opened from the Playlist Timeline rather than the Asset Library pages.
  • Fixed issue where deleting a Media Asset would not remove it from a Playlist for a Player API Player
  • Fixed issue of if User Profile was updated at all, until next login User would become a Read Only user.
  • Fixed the issue of thumbnails for Media Assets in the Asset Library showing the Egg Timer is a Screenfeed Asset appeared at the same location on a Previously viewed page.


  • Updated and Improved Language Translations (Made it so that the Downloads page is now translated)
  • Improved the issue of Network Image not being shown in header of Application Framework and this falling back to the Signagelive Logo rather than showing the Image Placeholder
  • Included the terminology of “Awaiting External Processing” to status of Queue Items rather than showing no status.
  • Added Multi Head Output Limiting Functionality
    • Player System Tab will show the number of Screens attached to a Player
    • Ability to limit the number of useable Monitors connected to a Legacy Player if a Limited Licence is used
    • Resolution of the Player will be calculated from the number of used Monitors
  • Improved the Instore Screen Bridge – Default Playlist not being added to configuration if there were Scheduled Items.
  • Added the capability for Non Legacy API Players to use Synchronisation (will be used for Dension when this is available)
  • Made it so that when deleting a Media Asset which is a Default Media Asset the Player change Tracker is updated, so the Player will get the updated content.
  • Player API Players are given a Default Playlist containing Images if no content is Scheduled.
  • Changed Publisher Error Message Regarding Content Not Supported, to be clearer that a Codec is not supported.


March 2014 - User Interface Update and Tweaks

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where editing or deleting network configuration settings did not increment the Change ID for the player.
  • Fixed an issue where the “pause” configuration parameter for text zones was not sent in the Player API.
  • Fixed an issue where Nested and Localised playlist assets would not appear in media asset reports. 
  • Fixed an issue in the “Publish” manager where an issue with codec support would be given a generic unsupported message rather than a “codec unsupported” message.
  • Fixed an issue where media assets with an uppercase file extension would not have a MIME type set in the Player API.
  • Fixed an issue where the default playlist would not refresh on the schedule tab in the player manager when a new default playlist was published.
  • Fixed an issue where removing an interrupt does not increment the Change ID for the player it is deployed to.
  • Fixed an issue where scheduled interrupts would disappear from the Interrupt tab in the player manager.

New Features

  • Media RSS Feeds, Nested Playlists and Localised Playlists are now supported on Instore Screen and Player API (SSSP, CPX-1) players. External feeds will be downloaded to the Signagelive server to allow players with locked down connections to access them.
  • Added the ability to connect Signagelive to a Screenfeed account. Purchased feeds will be shown in the playlist creator, Sample Screenfeed feeds are added to new networks when they are created.


  • “Deployment” has now been renamed “Publish”. Scheduling content to a player is “publishing”. Content is only “deployed” when it is actually downloaded by the player.
  • The stability of the thumbnail generation service has been improved to allow for very large files to be processed.
  • If a thumbnail cannot be generated, the request is marked as ‘failed’ and is not processed without manual intervention.
  • Emails are sent to support and development when the queue stops processing or asset generation fails.
  • Thumbnail generation for web pages has been made more reliable for slow loading dynamic pages.
  • Added a “returns policy” to the EUA.
  • Added the ability to set a player type as supporting SSL or not, so that players connecting to the virtual player bridge can get unsecured media assets URLs if they do not support SSL.
  • Changed the Player API to return the list of zones in a layout in ascending order of Z-Index.
  • RSS Feeds, Nested Playlists and Localised playlists are no longer selectable as default assets in a media window. RSS Feeds are still available as default assets for text zones.

November 2013

Bug Fixes

  • [SL-2] - Recent Networks Preference Setting is not saved
  • [SL-231] - The 'Download' Asset Feature does not work  when viewing a playlist in the schedule
  • [SL-322] - Layout Creator Web Page None Does not remove last chosen webpage when setting the web control to 'none'
  • [SL-363] - User can still access a disabled network if set to logon to last network used
  • [SL-367] - Folder properties box does not show the actual number of total assets in a folder.
  • [SL-368] - An interrupts asset's tool tip does not update when it's key is changed 
  • [SL-369] - Every time you create a new layout or edit an existing one, extra copies of the widget buttons get added to the toolbar.
  • [SL-370] - When you change the resolution of the layout, the position of the windows on it are not changed.
  • [SL-371] - Double clicking on a playlist in a list view shows a preview. It should edit it.
  • [SL-386] - Support Tab - Support Notes are shown in UK Time.
  • [SL-464] - Previous web page showing briefly when next web page plays after a video
  • [SL-550] - Media Asset Folder Properties displaying incorrect data relating to the folder
  • [SL-979] - The items on the context menu are in the wrong order they say Edit, Properties, Delete -> they should be Edit, Delete, Properties
  • [SL-1019] - Audio plays in the background when selecting players for deployment
  • [SL-1104] - Double clicking "OK" when adding a new network app user adds the user twice
  • [SL-1167] - The ability to Upload Logs is not working for the Experience Team
  • [SL-1180] - Remove beige/yellow on loading screen on Deployment Manager
  • [SL-1256] - It is possible to upload videos in the static image box in the layout creator
  • [SL-1284] - Layout widgets are added to the layout manager twice
  • [SL-1310] - Right clicking and selecting Edit in Aviary on an asset, does not take the user to the edit screen, but to the Aviary asset library. 
  • [SL-1404] - Reactivating a player does not increment the Change ID so Player API connected clients do were not getting updated content
  • [SL-1410] - Player Change ID is not incremented on activation so Player API connected clients do were not getting updated content
  • [SL-1420] - Inconsistent dashboard lights when no custom default playlist set - the Today's Content pie chart was not updating to show that default content was deployed
  • [SL-1422] - If I add an Asset as a Local User who can only see Assets with certain Tags, the tag is not automatically added so I can't see Assets added by me


  • [SL-43] - Added ability for Player API connected Players to inform Signagelive of CPU Usage, RAM Usage, Temperature and System Settings
  • [SL-250] - When adding folders, saving playlist (or generally any popup with a text field for saving) the enter key does not close the popup and save the data
  • [SL-704] - Set backgrounds of all "Managers" to white
  • [SL-459] - Remove all blue backgrounds from flash assets
  • [SL-770] - Feature Request - dialog box to confirm that Global Setting changes have applied  
  • [SL-1282] - Move "Add to Playlist" to top of context menu in playlist creator and hide from non playlist creator applications

New Feature

  • [SL-542] - Add ability to schedule IPTV streams in a local playlist * [SL-543] - Add ability to schedule web pages in local playlists.


Release Notes - Signagelive - July 2013 Sprint

Hi All,

Just to let you know of the changes that have been made as part of the July 2013 update. We hope you enjoy these new features and enhancements and if you have any questions or need any assistance then please let us know.

New Feature

The following features have now been added to your Signagelive networks.

  • A new Applications menu to allow users to switch between applications, such as the Message Manager. (View Guide)
  • Users are now able to add branding to their individual networks. (View Guide)
  • New Live Chat system, which has been in use on the Signagelive website for several months.
  • Reports generated within your network are now emailed to you.

Improvements and Enhancements

The following improvements and enhancements have now been made for you.

  • Enhanced 'My Signagelive' page with improved ability to search and edit network. (View Guide)
  • Improved menu system, plus the following additions:
    1. Added the ability select Creating or Managing Playlists to the menu.
    2. Added the ability to create Sync Groups to the menu.
  • Users no longer have to log out of Signagelive account to switch between Signagelive and Message Manager.

 We hope you enjoy these features and improvements. Please let us know if you need any assistance.


Release Notes - Signagelive - 28th November 2012 Sprint

Hi All,

Just to let you know of the changes that have been made as part of the November 2012 update. We hope you enjoy these new features and enhancements and if you have any questions or need any assistance then please let us know.

New Feature

The following features have now been added to your Signagelive networks.

    • A new HTML5 Message Manager has been released, which replaces the old version.
    • Support has been added for the Instorescreen media devices.
    • New Login Page for all users, which is now for both Network Administrators and Message Manager users plus Signagelive news.
    • Users can now download assets from within the Signagelive networks.
    • Users now have a 'Global Network Settings' feature that allows Health and Content Check, plus Automatic Reboot to be set on mass.
    • The Help menu has been updated. You can now view the Signagelive Platform Status from networks.

Improvements and Enhancements

The following improvements and enhancements have now been made for you.

    • The top menu has been updated to suit the new Signagelive style.
    • The requirement to Toggle Header has been removed.
    • The ability to add new licences as singles or multiples has been merged into one method.
    • The Support Cases feature has been removed in favour of using Zendesk for case management.
    • Ability to play .MOV files on Brightsign Players
    • Renamed the terminology from Extensions to Renewals.
    • The Downloads and Resources Page has been updated.
    • Remove Getting Started guide from Downloads and old User Guide from Help window.

Bugs and Issues

The following bugs and issues have all now been resolved.

    • Users could not create a nested playlist with the same name as a deleted nested playlist.
    • The Recent Connections feature not working on Dashboard.
    • Checking for hidden schedules starts the schedule from now, not 13 hours ago.
    • Health check report is not showing the correct number of players that have missed health check.
    • Audio continues to play in the content preview when the preview popup has closed.
    • Users cannot Create a New Layout Based on a Saved Layout using the Layout Creator.
    • Some schedules that should not be hidden appear to be hidden.
    • When a custom RSS feed is renamed on the network, it's corresponding media assets were not renamed.
    • Dashboard Alerts are not showing.
    • The 'Choose a Playlist' and 'Open Layout' windows don't load the libraries first time.
    • Fonts within the Custom RSS Editor will not allow things to Save.
    • Asset conditional playback is not saved a second time.
    • The Playlist refinement / deployment processing emails are not being sent.
    • When users edit the tags for a player, the cursor is at the start of the text and not the end.
    • Preview thumbnails for the default layouts have the tickers as red, they are white.
    • Open Layout dialog does not scale to fit the browser window.
    • Adding Asset Tags on List View Modes does not work.
    • Player Serial information not fully visible now we have reached 10,000 + on the final deployment page.
    • Unable to save a Folder name change via the right click folder option.
    • Non-synced players show the old player icon not the new one with red circle.


Release Notes - Signagelive - August 2012 Sprint

Hi All,

Just to let you know of the changes that have been made as part of the August 2012 update. We hope you enjoy these new features and enhancements and if you have any questions or need any assistance then please let us know.

New Feature

The following features have now been added to your Signagelive networks.

    • New or refined deployments are now processed via the Queue feature.  (View Guide)
    • Users now have the ability to remotely set up the network configuration on BrightSign devices.  (View Guide)
    • User can now preview their deployed playlists and layouts and can see what is deployed in each schedule window.  (View Guide)
    • A new report has been added to networks to show the linear schedule on each player.

Improvements and Enhancements

The following improvements and enhancements have now been made for you.

    • The End User Licence Agreement is now in HTML and now has Google Translate functionality.
    • Users now have the ability to open and view a layout that is currently deployed to a player.
    • We have streamlined the Free Trial Process to require less information.
    • We have made changes that significantly improve the speed of saving playlists and deployments, plus removing schedules.
    • The Desktop Edition is now named Corporate Communications Edition.

Bugs and Issues

The following bugs and issues have all now been resolved.

    • Message Manager freezing on loading a feed. 
    • Player navigation has been refined so that you can work on individual players.
    • Login Page Background not showing for users who use Chrome.
    • Conditional Rules on Media Assets not saving properly.
    • Changes to a Scheduled Interrupt playlist not updating.
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