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[Resolved] Logging in as a Message Manager only user since our update


By now you will hopefully have heard and seen that we released a Signagelive network update on the 29th July 2013. The update includes some great new features and improvements, which you can view here, but there's something we need to let Message Manager level users only know.

If you are a Message Manager only user then when you next login you'll notice that for one occasion only you will need to click on the name of the network you wish to edit the messages for and then you'll be taken to the Signagelive Message Manager straight away

So what do I need to do?

Here's the steps you'll need to carry out to ensure you are logged in to your Message Manager area:

  1. Firstly please login to Signagelive as you would normally to edit your Message Manager feeds.
  2. When logged in, you may already be on your My Signagelive page that shows you a list of the networks you have access to, but if not then you'll need to click your cursor on the top right area where it says Network: and a drop-down box will appear with an option called My Signagelive.My_Signagelive_Link.jpg
  3. Please click the My Signagelive option from the drop-down menu and you'll be taken to your My Signagelive page.
  4. From the list of networks you are shown, please click the name of the network that you usually edit the Message Manager feeds for and you'll then be taken directly into the Message Manager area.My_Network.jpg
  5. After now being taken to the Message Manager area you'll see from the new Applications drop-down menu that you only have access to the Message Manager application on your selected network. You will now also see all of the feeds you have access to within the selected network and can continue to edit and update these if you wish to at this stage.In_the_Message_Manager.jpg
  6. You've completed what you needed to do now and the next time you login you'll be taken straight to the Message Manager area.

That's all you needed to do

It's as simple as that and you'll never have to carry out this process again. When you next login you'll be taken straight to the Message Manager area and will be able to begin editing your message feeds straight away.

The reason why you need to carry out this simple process is because we've implemented an Applications menu for all Administrator level users, which does not rely on people logging in and out of networks to switch between the main network area and the Message Manager. We've made things simpler, but Message Manager only users will need to carry out this process one time only as a result.

Thank you for working with us and we hope you enjoy the new features and improvements we've released to our great users.

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