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[Resolved] LG Screens switching off (built-in 2hr auto-standby)


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We'll always do our best to keep you in the loop should we be made aware of possible issues that fall outside of our Signagelive platform, but feel would be beneficial for anyone who may experience the same problem.

We've had a user experience a problem with specific LG screens switching off after a period of time:

Notes from our User:

After doing the software upgrades on all sites, we got a result and the screens were waking up with the correct HDMI resolution. One of the  screens seems to have reverted (to losing its resolution) and on a fleeting visit last week I had to reboot. I’ll check this next week and call you when I’ve checked it out.

Having gone through cable swapping, cat5 extender swapping and switching between HDMI to VGA, nothing was making sense. In the end I could only pin it down to the TV’s themselves – but even this was inconsistent.

Anyway, I spoke with LG via my distributor and it appears that the TV’s we’d got were different than our usual LG models. There was no indication of this, but basically the TV’s have a built-in 2hr auto-standby which isn’t visible from the user menu’s. Even when we turned off all auto-standby / sleep functions, the TV’s have a hidden standby mode.

I’ve had to buy an engineer’s remote to get into the firmware and turn-off this mode properly.

Please if you experience a similar problem then refer to the comment above and then liaise with your distributor / reseller for more information.

Kind Regards, Ian.

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    Richard Antonios

    i have the same problem. What do you mean by "I’ve had to buy an engineer’s remote to get into the firmware and turn-off this mode properly."? Please explain how do you do this. Thank you

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