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Samsung D or E Range not showing URL Launcher or Change URL?


In the event that you launch the Samsung D range panel and when pressing the Home button you do not see the URL Launcher or Change URL screens, this is because the panel is set to load in to MagicInfo as opposed to the LFD Launcher.

If you launch in to MagicInfo the Home button will appear as:


If you launch in to the LFD Launcher the Home button will appear as:


To ensure the device launches in to the LFD Launcher you will need to:

  1. Use the Source button to change to HDMI, DVI etc.
  2. When switched, please click on the Menu button.
  3. Please now select the System option.
  4. Please now scroll down to locate the "Play via" option.
  5. You will need to ensure that LFD Launcher is selected under the "Play Via" setting.


Once stored, if you restart the panel the LFD Launcher will load instead of the Magicinfo tools.

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