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Standard Edition: Configuring your signagelive player with Optimal Settings


Within the Signagelive Advanced Configuration Wizard you have the opportunity to set your player with our Optimal Settings option. It is with this option you can setup your hardware player to be a dedicated signagelive device and apply a series of tweaks that we will highlight below.

Confirming your use of this feature:

The Optimise my Computer feature should only be used on devices that will be dedicated for the use of our Signagelive software. We do not recommend you apply this setting to your laptops or work computers unless you are truly happy to make these changes to your computer. If you have selected the Optimise my Computer option then you will be prompted with the following message:

After reading this message and clicking Yes to proceed, below are the settings that are changed on your hardware player: 

General configuration changes:

The following general configuration changes will be made on your hardware player:

  • Performance settings for player. (Set to be Optimal)
  • Performance setting “Smooth Edges on Screen Fonts”. (Enabled)
  • Power Settings for the Monitor and Computer. (Set to Never Sleep)
  • Auto reboot on a system crash. (Blue screen)
  • The Windows Screensaver. (Disabled)
  • Active Desktop. (Disabled)
  • Tray icons on your Windows Desktop. (Disabled)
  • Windows updates. (Disabled)
  • Windows Message boxes. (Disabled)
  • User Access Control on Windows Vista and above. (Disabled)
  • Windows balloon tip messages. (Disabled)
  • Wallpaper from the Windows Desktop. (Disabled)

Windows Services:

The following services are also switched off (if they installed on the OS):

  • Windows Error Reporting • Print Spooler.
  • Microsoft Help and Support Center.
  • System Restore Service.
  • Windows Security Center Service.
  • Content Indexing Service.
  • Windows SSDP Service.
  • Alerter Service.
  • Clipboard Service.
  • Microsoft Net meeting.
  • UPS Service.
  • Windows Update Auto Update Service.
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