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Standard Edition: How to use the Signagelive Configuration Wizard?


When you have downloaded and installed the Display Edition then you will notice that you have a Configuration Wizard at your disposal to help configure the software to your hardware device. The Configuration Wizard can be launched at any time from your Start Menu and therefore you can make changes to your configuration any time you like as well.

How to run the Configuration Wizard

To run the Configuration Wizard via your device you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Please click on the Start menu from your Windows desktop area.
  2. From the Start Menu, please click on the Signagelive folder.
  3. Within the Signagelive folder, please click on the Signagelive Configuration option.

The Signagelive Configuration Wizard will now launch in a few moments and when complete, will show you three options that you can use to configure your device. In the following section we will go through each of the options:

Option 1 - Mininum Configuration - No Changes will be made to Windows

This is the most basic of the options and, if selected, will simply finalise the configuration process and make no changes to the Windows device.

Option 2 - Minimum Configuration and add Signagelive to Windows Start Up

If selected this option will add Signagelive to the automatic Startup process which means our software will automatically launch each and every time your hardware player does. When booted and/or restarted the Signagelive software will launch each time the Windows account is loaded.

Option 3 - Advanced

Selecting the Advanced Option will open up a great detail of additional configuration features that are not available in the previous two options.

Here are the options available to you within the Advanced section of the Configuration Wizard:

How would you like Signagelive to be run on your Computer?

The following options are available on the How would you like Signagelive to be run on your Computer window:

  • Ability to Optimise your Computer to be a dedicated Signagelive device.
  • Ability to set Signagelive to auto-start with Windows.

Windows Logon Window

The following options are available on the Windows Logon Window:

  • Ability to set the Windows device to Auto Login to Windows.

Media Storage Window

The following options are available on the Media Storage window:

  • Ability to edit where the Signagelive Media Storage is kept on your device.
    • Set where the Media Directory is stored.
    • Set where the Playlist Directory is stored.
    • Set where the Temp Directory is stored.
    • Set where the Log Directory is stored.

Media Player Settings Window

The following options are available on the Media Player Settings window:

  • Ability to set where your webpages are loaded in Internet Explorer or the Chromium Build.
  • Ability to set videos to be pre-loaded for faster transitions.
  • Additional Multi-Display Functionality.
  • Extended Desktop Support.
  • Select which Monitor will display on.
  • Select Signagelive to run if a specific monitor is available.


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