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How to configure a Simple SMIL device to Signagelive?


The following guide will show you how to install and configure the Signagelive Virtual Player (Lite) edition on a Simple SMIL device. When you are ready to register your IAdea device to Signagelive with a Virtual Player (Lite) licence, you will need to carry out the following steps:

  1. Before you begin you must ensure that you have added your Virtual Player licence on to you network. You will need have added a valid licence before you can proceed to the next step of registering.
  2. When you have added your licences, you will need to firstly power on your device until the point it shows some form of content and then attach a USB Keyboard to the device. Please note that inserting a USB keyboard straight away and then powering on the device will not give the desired result.
  3. After few seconds the screen will go black and then a Main Menu will appear. From the menu, please select the Content Source option.
  4. Within the Content Source window, select Change and then enter into the Server URL settings on your SMIL device.
  5. You will now need to select the OK option and then select Done from the following window.
  6. You will now be back at the Main Menu and will need to select Done and this will reboot your SMIL device.
  7. After the reboot, a six digit activation code will now be shown on your device. Please make a note of this code as it will be required later.
  8. With your six digit activation code you will now need to login to your signagelive network and click on the Settings menu and the Licences sub-menu. You will then need to find your unregistered Virtual Player licence and click on this to open the licence summary window.
  9. Within the licence summary window for the licence you will need to click on the Attach Virtual Player button and then add your six digit activation code. When you have added your information you can then click on the Activate Player button.
  10. When your Simple SMIL device next connects to Signagelive server you will see that the “Congratulations” content will begin playing on the screen.
  11. You can now deploy content to your registered Virtual Player like you would a normal Signagelive player.


Known Limitations of Simple SMIL

We are often asked about the lack of status reporting with the virtual player licence and unfortunately this is a restriction of the standard that the software has been developed to support and as a result, we can only work with what the standard offers us. The content check status within our software was developed for our Display edition for Windows Operating System, so if this is a mandatory requirement for your signagelive usage you will need to upgrade to this version to meet your requirements.

Other known limitations of this edition are:

  • There is no warning that unsupported content will not play on a Virtual Player, so please be careful when creating playlists, if unsupported content is deployed the virtual player client will compensate for this and will play the default content.
  • The virtual player does not support local storage of schedules, at each content check the Virtual player will return the current playlist from the schedule and downloads any files required, so it is possible that incorrect content will play until the next content check. This will be updated in the next release of the virtual player.
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