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Overview of the Virtual Player Edition


The signagelive Virtual Player software has been developed to work with all SMIL non-PC hardware devices ( and offers an ultra low-cost digital signage player that supports, JPEG image and FLV video formats in fullscreen mode only. In addition to supporting all SMIL Open standards hardware, we have developed a Virtual Player software client using Adobe Air technology that emulates a SMIL hardware device and can be installed on any Windows, Linux and Mac OSX operating system.

How does the Virtual Player software work?

The signagelive Virtual Player is a bridge between a SMIL hardware or software player and signagelive. The SMIL standard and the signagelive virtual player bridge offer a subset of the standard signagelive functionality. When downloading media to your SMIL hardware, the content is retrieved from the server to the player over HTTP (or HTTPS if supported).

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