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What is a Nested Playlist?


Another feature within your Signagelive network is named Nested Playlists and this gives you the ability to now incorporate a playlist in to a playlist. With the use of this feature you can create or insert existing playlists on to your playlist timeline to be played amongst your parent playlist media.

Please Note: It is not possible to include Media RSS within a Nested Playlist. Images and Videos are supported.

Watch a video about Nested Playlists

The Nested Playlist will act as a separate container of content with the ability to define criteria such as:

  • Set the Playback mode style to play either “All Assets” or “Play Next Asset”.
  • Set the Playback duration to be either “Play to length” or “Play to Set Duration”.
  • Set the Playback Order to be “Random, Reverse or play top number of items”.

As well as the ability to add a playlist to be within a playlist, the benefits of the Nested Playlist feature are:

  • Provides a parent/child relationship between the parent playlist and nested playlists.
  • Allows for parent playlist and nested playlists to be controlled by different network users as required.
  • Allows a user to add a series of media into their created Nested Playlist to be played in various playback orders.
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