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Locating a created Nested Playlist on your Network?


When you have created a Nested Playlist and it has been saved to your signagelive network, you will now be able to locate and make content amendments to this by carrying out the following steps:

  1. To begin, click on the Content menu and then from the drop-down menu select Playlists. You will now need to click on the Manage from the menu to show all the playlists on your Signagelive network.

  2. After clicking the Manage you will see all the playlists on your network. You will now able locate your Nested Playlist from the Asset Library; if you can’t find it straight away then you can use the Search facility to locate this.
  3. You can now double click on your Nested Playlist to open this within the Playlist Creator.
  4. Your Nested Playlist will now be opened and may currently be empty dependant on if you selected Generate Empty Playlist in the initial setup process.
  5. You can now begin to add media as per normal to your Nested Playlist’s Playlist Timeline and then, when happy with your content, click on the Save Playlist to save your work.

You can of course locate your Parent Playlist in the same manner as above and make any required changes as appropriate.

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