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Where is the Nested Playlist feature?


When you are ready to use this feature you will be able to find this on your signagelive network by carrying out the following steps:

  1. To begin, click on the Content menu and then from the drop-down menu select Playlists. You will then need to select the Create/Edit option.
  2. You will now be within the Playlist Creator and should see your asset library and playlist timeline being shown.
  3. You will also see on the left hand side of the screen a section called Smart Folders.
  4. Please move your mouse cursor over to this section and then select the folder named Control Assets.
  5. When clicked you will now see a series of assets within the Asset Library area. One of these assets is named Nested Playlist.

You have now successfully found the Nested Playlist asset and it is this that you will be required to add to your Playlist Timeline when you wish to use this feature.

Watch a video about Nested Playlists

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