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How to edit the Permissions of a Local User?


When a Local User has been added to your signagelive network then you are able to edit the users permissions at any stage. Any of the settings that you created when the Local User account was set up can be amended at any time by carrying out the following steps:

Watch a video about Local User Permissions

  1. When logged in to your network click on the Settings menu and then select Users.
  2. You will now be in the User Management window and will need to click on the email address of the Local User that you wish to edit.
  3. When you have clicked the email, you will be taken to the View User page and will see a button named Edit Permissions.
  4. If you click the Edit Permissions page the Local User set up will be loaded. 

At this stage you will see all players that the user has been assigned access to. You can make any changes to this by adding or removing players, or by clicking on the User Tags tab and making any necessary amendments. When you have made any changes you can save your work by clicking on the green Save button.

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