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How to assign Local Users Tags on your signagelive Network?


You can add tags to your Local Users to restrict the visibility of content within their Asset Library.

For example, if you add the tag ‘Library’ to your Local User, they would only be able to see content with the matching tag ‘Library’, all other content would remain hidden from them and not be available to use within their Local Playlists.

If you do not associate any Tags with your Local User, they will have access to all contents uploaded to your Asset Library by any User on your Signagelive Network


If you wish to add Local User Tags, you should follow these instructions:

  • Login to your Signagelive Network as an Administrator or User
  • Select Settings
  • Select Users
  • Select the Local User you wish to add Tags to
    • Click on the username or email address to edit
  • Select Local User Tags tab
  • Enter one or more one word Tags.
    • You can enter multiple words, but each single word (separated by a space) will be added as an individual Tag)
  • Press the Save button


You will be able to return to this page at any point to add or remove these Tags as well as see any Tags listed against each Local User from the Local User Tags section within their information in the User Manager.

How can I find out more?

You can learn more about Local Users and Local Playlists by visiting this Help Centre section. You can also speak directly to the Signagelive Support Team via Live Chat or by emailing

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