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How to assign Local Users Tags on your signagelive Network?


It is also possible with the Local Playlist Manager to assign user tags to your Local Users. The purpose of assigning tags to a Local User will determine the media assets resources that they will have access to and will prevent them from having access to all media assets or folders that don’t have matching tags. If no tags are supplied a user will get access to all assets.

Watch a video about adding Local User Tags

To assign tags to your Local Users you will need to carry out the following steps:

  1. When logged in to your network click on the Settings menu and then select Local Users from the drop-down menu shown.
  2. You will now need to select the relevant Local User from the drop-down menu and your window will become active.    
  3. When the window becomes active, you will see two tabs appear; Players and User Tags.
  4. If you now click on the User Tags tab you will be taken into the area where you can set your tags.
  5. If you now add your tags (keywords) to the available list area for the user and then click the Save button.
  6. After clicking the button you will now receive a Permissions Saved confirmation window.

The method behind adding tags will mean that any media assets or folders that have been assigned with the same tags will then be available to the relevant Local User when they next login to their user account at

Watch a video about Local Users

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