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How do I preview content that I have published?


The following guide will introduce you to the preview feature that gives you the ability to preview Playlists and Layouts that have been deployed to your players. When you have successfully deployed content at this point that a schedule is added to your registered player(s).

A schedule is the term used to describe your deployment and as you may already be aware it is possible to see all of the schedules that have been deployed to an individual player.

From the Schedule Tab you can look at the following types of schedule:

  • Default Playlists (.. via the Default Playlists section at the top)
  • Fullscreen Playlists (.. via the Schedules area)
  • Layouts (.. via the Schedules area)

You can now click on the name of any of the schedule types mentioned and you will be taken to a preview of everything that is included, such as a visual presentation of the playlist or layout, plus the ability to edit any of the content or view detailed information about any of the playlists. This provides you a great feature of being able to see what has been deployed, what playlists are included and how it should be appearing on your players.

If your deployed schedule is a Layout, the preview is able to show every playlist or feature that makes up that Layout. You can also drill-down to each individual Layout Zone in the preview and locate the information, such as playlist names, sizes and durations and make edits where necessary.

Where is the Preview feature on my Network?

If you are interested in the preview feature to see what has been deployed, then you will be able to find this by carrying out the following steps:

  1. Firstly please make sure you are logged in to your Signagelive account and within your desired network.
  2. You will then need to click on the Network > Manage menu options.
  3. From the Network Manager, please double click on the player you wish to look at the schedules for.
  4. After double clicking, you should now be taken to the player of your choice and you will see a series of tabs.
  5. Please now click on the Schedule tab.

You will now be within the correct area of your network and under the Schedule Tab and can begin previewing your deployed schedules as desired.

How does the Preview feature work?

When you are on the Schedule Tab for your player then you are ready to begin previewing your schedules. Please follow the steps below to learn how to start using this feature and the tools available for you to use within:

  1. Firstly click on the name of your schedule that you wish to look at.
  2. When you have clicked on the name, you will be presented with a visual presentation of your schedule as shown below.Schedule_Preview.jpg
  3. If you hover over any the Schedule Content zones you will be presented with a toolbar that contains several features.Preview_with_Toolbar.jpg
  4. As you will see from the toolbar, there are four buttons available. These buttons are allow you to:

Scroll through the Content arrows.jpg

The arrows on the toolbar allow you to scroll through all of the assets that are within the playlist. The preview will play all of the assets in order, but if you wish to quickly scroll through the content then just click on these arrows to proceed as you wish.

Editing the Playlist Cog.jpg

If you wish to edit the playlist that you are looking at in the preview then all you need to do is click on the following icon. After clicking this icon the Playlist Creator window will be loaded and your playlist automatically opened on the timeline; ready for you to make any changes. You will notice there is also another cog icon at the top of the Layout Preview window that will allow you to make changes to your Layout design.

View Information ViewInformation.jpg

If you click on the information icon you will be presented with a new window popup that shows you more detailed information about your playlist. The information available to you is Playlist Name, Total Assets, Playlist Size and Playlist Duration and will show as follows:


If you are looking at the preview of a Layout then each Schedulable Zone within the layout will have its own individual toolbar when you are hovering your mouse over it. Therefore if you wish to look at the multiple windows, just use the relevant tools to your window.

 When you are finished with the Preview window, you can click on the Close button to return to your Schedule Tab.

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