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Where can I find the Publishing options on my network?


Now you are familiar with tagging and have created your content, you are ready to go through the Signagelive deployment process to begin sending content to your players. When ready to begin deploying you will need to click on the Contents menu and then from drop-down menu hover over the option named Publish. You will then be presented with two menu options, these being Default Playlist or Schedules / Interrupts.

  • Default Playlist: If you select this option from the menu then you will be able to schedule and deploy a default playlist to your players. Default content is the media that will be shown on the player should all of your active and dated schedules expire for any reason. 
  • Schedules / Interrupts: By selecting this option you are confirming that you wish to set up a new deployment for your registered players that has a start and end date, or that you wish to configure and deploy an interrupt.
We often describe a default as a safety net style feature, which allows you to deploy some basic content that will only display should the dated schedules expire. The scenario most often occurs if a user has forgotten to check their network to see what schedules are deployed and for how long, or if the player is experiencing network connectivity issues that are preventing further updates from being deployed successfully.
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