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How do I publish a Default Playlist?


To begin publishing a Default Playlist you will need to click on the Content menu and then select Publish and then Defaults.

If you have selected to schedule and deploy a Default from the menu, then after clicking the option you will begin by being presented with the Choose a Playlist manager as below:

From the Choose a Playlist manager you will be able to search, organise and locate all of the playlists that have been added to your signagelive network. All of the playlists you see within this section will match that of the ones you have created within the Playlist Creator since the network has been created.

  1. To proceed you will need to click on the Playlist that you would like to assign as your default.
  2. There are two ways that you can select your playlist; you can either:
  • Double click your mouse on the desired playlist to proceed or...

  • Click on your desired playlist once and it will be highlighted with a blue colour.
  • You can then proceed by clicking on the green OK button to proceed.

When you selected your playlist you will now be taken to the final deployment stage. At the final stage you can determine which of your registered players you would like to deploy your default content to.

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