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How to add tags to an Asset?


Another feature within the Playlist Creator in your network is the ability to add tags to your assets so that they can be associated with tags (keywords). The benefit of using tags on your media assets is that it can make your media easier to manage and enhances your experience when you are carrying out searches for your content.

If you would like to add tags (keywords) to your media assets then you must carry out the following steps:

  1. To begin adding tags you will need to have at least one media asset added in your asset library. If this is not the case, please add an asset before beginning the tagging process.
  2. Now with at least one asset on your Playlist Timeline you will need to double click your mouse icon over an asset and it will take you into an Asset Information Window.
  3. In the Asset Information window you will see a section dedicated to Tags. As you can see from our example below, tags for Bunker, Golf, Sunshine and Tee have been added. To add a new tag, you will need to click on the row underneath the last tag and a blue outline will appear.
  4. Within the blue outline you can type a single word that you would like to use as a tag associated with the selected media asset. When finished if you click off this area your tag will be saved.
  5. Your tag will now be associated with your media asset and will be used as and when you carry out searches for your assets within the Playlist Creator.

Congratulations you've now added tags to your media content.

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