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How to preview a Playlist?


When you have become more familiar with the Playlist Creator and have begun putting assets on to your timeline, you can also now preview your playlist in full and get an overall view of how your content is going to play when deployed to your Player(s).

To preview a Playlist that you have put together, you will need to do the following:

  1. Before you can preview a playlist you will need to have added at least one asset on to your playlist timeline. If you have no assets on your timeline, you will firstly need to add these.
  2. When you have added assets to your timeline, you will now need to click on the blue Preview button which is located to the right hand side of the timeline.
  3. When you have clicked the Preview button a preview slideshow will appear and this allows you to navigate through and demo your current playlist from your playlist timeline.
  4. When the preview of your playlist appears, you will be able to use a series of navigation buttons (as shown) within your previewer. To see these buttons you must hover your mouse over the bottom area of the preview window.
  5. Your playlist will play through automatically, but you also have navigation buttons available which you can now use to scroll through the assets, stop, pause or un-pause the preview.
  6. When you are finished with the preview feature, you can click on the Exit Preview icon to return to the Playlist Creator window within your signagelive network.

Congratulations, you have now managed to preview your Playlist.

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