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How to set the Running Order of a Playlist?


When you have become familiar with adding assets to your Playlist timeline, you can now begin to understand how you can move assets around to arrange the order in which the content will play.

To begin setting the order of your Playlist and positioning how assets will play, you will need to:

  1. Firstly, make sure you have several assets added to your timeline. If this is not the case then please add assets on to your timeline from your asset library.
  2. When ready to move an asset around your timeline order, you will need to click on the asset with your mouse and it will then have a blue outline appear around this asset.
  3. When selected, hold the mouse button down over the asset highlighted in blue and drag this to the position you wish for it to appear in the overall timeline.
  4. When you have dragged the asset to your desired position you can now release the mouse key, and your asset will now be positioned into the desired order. You can reorder your playlist as much as you require before previewing or saving your work.

You have now learnt how to set the running order of a Playlist.

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