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Using the Playlist Manager Smart Folders


As discussed, within the Playlist Manager you can also use the Smart Folders feature which is located in the left hand side of the window. At your disposal you have four separate folders, which will help filter out the player results on your network.

Here's a brief summary of the folders and how they can be used:

  • All - This will show you all Playlists that are on your Signagelive network.
  • Recently Added - Shows you recent Playlists that have been added over the last 7 days.
  • Last Used - Shows you recently used Playlists within the last 7 days.
  • Unsorted - Shows you all Playlists that have not been categorised in to a folder on your network. You can drag and drop these Playlists in to your folders to remove them from the unsorted folder.
  • My Screenfeed Content - This folder will contain all of your Screenfeed assets and this will populate if you have a Screenfeed account and have linked your network to this account via our integration.
  • Control Assets - This folder contains the Capture Card, Interrupt, Localised Playlist and Nested Playlist assets which can be used within your Playlist scheduling.
  • Trash: Allows you to be able to remove Playlists from your lists by moving them in to the Trash folder. You can retrieve Playlists at any time from the Trash folder and they will be actively part of your library again; which can searched.
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