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Understanding the Applications Menu


When you are logged in to a specific network within your Signagelive account you will notice that you have access to an Applications drop-down menu. The benefit of this menu being available is that within each network you are now able to scroll through any applications that have been added to your network and access the necessary features.

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An 'Application' in terms of your Signagelive is a tool or feature set that you can access via your network to help manage and deliver content. For example, the first application that every user will have access to is Signagelive itself. Therefore the network management tool of managing players, uploading media content, creating schedules and deploying is treated as a single application named 'Signagelive'.

Another application that you may see in the drop-down list (if your account has access to the feature) is the Message Manager. Previously users who were both Signagelive Network Administrators and Message Manager users would have needed to select the tool they wish to enter when logging in.

The good news now is that the Applications menu allows users to easily switch between Signagelive and Message Manager areas without the need to logout of your account. Therefore two of the main applications users will use are 'Signagelive' and 'Message Manager', however the benefit of the menu is that additional applications can also be added as we introduce more features.

How do I change what application I am in?

The ability to change the application you are accessing is very simple to do and can be done at any time within your network. To do this simply click on the Applications drop-down menu and the list of applications you have access to will be shown. 

To change application, just click on the application you wish to begin using and when you do so your screen will update to the new area.

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