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How do I add Branding to my Network?


If you are interested in branding your individual network or multiple networks with your own logo then you can do so with our co-branding feature that available to all users. The co-branding feature is available at no additional cost and allows you to integrate your own graphics to your signagelive network to show your brand identity and brand association.

Watch how to add Branding to your Network:

Read how to add Branding to your Network:

To begin adding your own branding and understanding the feature, please work through the following sections:

How do I add my own logo?

If you would like to add your own logo to the network then there are a couple of ways you can easily do this, these are:

Choose a File to Upload

If you'd like to select an image file from your computer to upload then all you need to do is click the Choose File button. After clicking the button you will be given the ability to search for the image file on your computer and then select to use this.



Once you have located your image and clicked OK to use this within the prompt area, your newly selected file name will be added to the branding area. To now add this branding to your network, simply click the available Save button and it will be added for you.

Drag and Drop images to Upload

If you wish to drag and drop your desired image file into the branding file then you can also use this method. To do this simply find the image file you wish to use and then drag and drop this into the browser window (in the Branding window area).


When you carry out this method, you'll see your newly added image being uploaded and then a green tick will be shown to show your file is now ready to use. To now add this branding to your network, simply click the available Save button and it will be added for you.

Where will my branding appear?

If you are interested in adding your own branding to each individual network you have access to, then your branding when added will appear in the top left area when you are within your network. The below screenshot represents the top left section that will appear on every screen within your network.

Where can I locate the Branding feature?

To begin working with the branding feature on your selected network, you will need to carry out the following steps:

  1. Firstly make sure you are on the 'My Signagelive' page within your account. If you are not, then simply use the drop-down available to select this option by clicking on the Network area at the top right of your screen.
  2. When on the 'My Signagelive' page, if you cannot see the network you wish to edit straight away then please use the search feature available.
  3. When you've located your network, you will see that there is a blue Edit button to the right hand side of your network name on the same row.
  4. Please click on this Edit button and you will be taken to the correct area where you can begin working with the branding feature on your network.

You will now find the feature underneath the Branding section and initially you'll see you have the ability to choose files or drag files to be uploaded, plus be able to see or remove any current branding within this area. When you are at this stage you are ready to add your own branding.

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