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Using the "My signagelive" area of your Network


When you first log in to your Signagelive account you will be taken to a page named “My Signagelive” and it is on this page you will be able to see all networks that you have access to. Other features of this page include the ability to create new (and edit existing) networks, plus the ability to use the features that you will find on every page, such as the ability to edit your profile and use our live chat system.

Watch how to use your 'My Signagelive' area:

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Here’s how the My Signagelive page will appear to you:

When you are looking at your My Signagelive page within your account you will find you have the following features:

Ability to Create New Networks

If you would like to create a new network under your Signagelive account then you can do so at any stage by clicking the New Network button on the My Signagelive page. The button can be found positioned above your current networks list should you not be able to locate this.

Once you have clicked the button you will be able to enter details such as a network name, contact details and address information, plus enter your licences to be added. When configuring a new network you will need to add at least available licence to validate the creation of the network.

Please Note: New networks cannot be created without a least one available licence being used to help validate. Also note that the licence you use to validate the new network will automatically be added to the network upon creation, so there's no need to add this licence separately when and if you begin adding more licences to the network you've created.

Ability to Search through your Networks

Another feature of the My Signagelive page is that you can search for your networks that you have access to with your account, plus you can use the drop-down available to search between the All Networks and Recent Networks view.

With the search area on the My Signagelive page you can ener all or partial parts of the network name and then click the Search button. You will then be presented with all networks that meet your search criteria which you have access to.

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