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How to add Samsung Picture in Picture to your Layout?

Please Note: The Samsung Picture in Picture feature is only usable on the Samsung XN Range. It cannot be used on devices that are not the Samsung XN Range and therefore also does not apply to the Samsung Smart Signage Platform. If you are using the Samsung Smart Signage Platform and wish to show Live TV, then you will need to use the HDMI In Input and the Capture Card asset on your network.

The Samsung Picture in Picture feature is only for Samsung devices. The feature allows for two programs to be shown on screen at the same time; one shown as fullscreen television as normal and the other in a smaller window. If you do have Samsung model hardware and would like to use this feature then you can do by carrying out the following steps:

    1. Within the layout design, click on the Content Zones tab.
    2. From the Static Zones area, you can now drag and drop the zone onto your layout design.
    3. When the Picture in Picture zone is selected, you will be presented with the Picture in Picture tab and will find a drop-down list dedicated to the available inputs found your Samsung Hardware model.
    4. When your Input is selected it will update into the zone you have added to the layout design.
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