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How to alter the Properties of a Schedulable Content Zone?


When you have dragged any Schedulable Content zones onto your design, instead of resizing with just the mouse, you can also use a specific tab be more precise in your positioning and window arrangement. When you click on any of the Schedulable Content zones a Layer Basics tab will appear on your toolbar.

Within the Size and Position section you are able to set the X, Y, Width and Height coordinates and any changes will be automatically updated on your design.

You will also find you have a lock icon present within this area which allows you to lock these settings and when locked they can not be changed. You change the lock status by click this icon on and off.

On this tab you can also specify the arrangement of your zones by using the Arrange section. With this area you can specify the hierarchy your zone has with other zones on the design; and therefore you can determine whether you‟d like to Bring to Front, Bring Forward, Send to Back or Send Backward your zone.

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