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How to use the Layer Navigator?


As you may have already noticed, within the bottom right of the screen you will see a button named Layout Designer and the role of this feature is to help you manage all of the zones that have been added. When any item, whether it is a schedulable window, static text or widget, is added to your design it will automatically become present within the Layer Navigator as shown below:

As you will see the Layer Navigator is divided into two sections, Background Elements and Content Zones and these show all of the layers that have been added to the layout design from the relevant Background Elements and Content Zone tabs.

Renaming Zones with the Layer Navigator

You can also rename any of the layers present on the two available Layer Navigator sections by clicking on the name of the layer and then using your keyboard to change the naming. When selecting the layer the row will change to a blue colour as shown in our example. Renaming your layers can be used a way of managing your layout and allows you instantly know which particular area you are working with when making any changes.


Hiding Zones with the Layer Navigator

You can also hide and remove the relevant layers from your layout by clicking on the tick that is positioned on the far left of the layer information. By clicking the tick the tick-box will go blank and this will mean the layer is also hidden from your layout design.

Locking Zones with the Layer Navigator

If you would like to lock your layers so that they can not be edited and therefore can not be moved, resized or changed in any way, then you can click on the relevant lock icon that accompanies every layer. If the lock is set as unlocked, which is the default, then you can make the necessary changes you require.

Arranging Zones with the Layer Navigator

If you drag and drop layers that are present in the navigator you can also alter how they are arranged on your layout. By moving layers to the top of the list they will take priority in the layout hierarchy and will appear over the top of any layer that happen to be overlapped with this layer.

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