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How to set your Layout Properties?


One of the first steps towards creating and designing your layout is begin setting up the basics, which you will have done for new layouts when using the available wizard, however, you amend these settings at any stage and set your resolution, orientation and background colour or image. All of these steps can be undertaken on the Layout Design tab, which can be shown below.

  1. From the Layout Design tab you can firstly assign your Global Font, which will act as your default throughout the layout. You can also select your font style, font size, font colours and the font alignment.
  2. When you have selected your Global Font styling, you can then specify whether you would like to use a background colour or image within your design. Your changes to these settings will be reflected in the layout preview area and you will begin to see your design taking shape. You will also be able to add your own background images through this feature; which can ever be from your network‟s asset library or by uploading directly from your computer.
  3. When you have set your background, you can also set your desired Resolution and Orientation for the layout design. A list of available resolutions will be shown to you in the available drop-down box, however, you can also now add your own custom resolution via the Custom button. You can select your orientation by clicking on either of the Landscape or Portrait settings.
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