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How to create New Layouts with the Customise Wizard?


When you are ready to begin creating new layouts on your network you can click on the New button found at the top left of the Layout Manager. When you click this button you will be presented with a New Layout wizard which helps you setup the basics of your design.

Within the New Layout wizard you will be asked the following questions:

What screen resolution are you designing for?

Within this option you can use the drop-down menu to select your desired screen resolution. If you are unable to locate your desired setting, then you can use the Custom button to add your own resolution. Any new resolutions will be added to your Layout Designer permanently.

Is your screen landscape or portrait?

Within this option you can select whether your layout design will be in a landscape or portrait orientation. You will need to click on either of the options and when selected you will notice they are outlined with a blue line.

Do you want to create a blank layout our use a template?

Here you can set whether you wish for your template to start off completely blank or if you would like to use a Signagelive template design we have added to your network as a starting point. Please select either option by using the available circular tick-box.

When you have finished completing the New Layout wizard and you are happy with your choices you can then click on the Create Layout button. At this stage you will be taken into the Layout Designer with your design selections you have made within the wizard.

You can cancel the choices made in the New Layout wizard at any stage by clicking on the Cancel button and you will be returned back to the Layout Manager window.

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