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How to search for Layouts on your Network?


In order to look at individual layout you must first find the appropriate data record within your network. The Layout Manager within your network provides a search engine facilitating a keyword search for layouts which any user can use.

Performing a Layout Search

To begin searching for layouts that have been saved to your signagelive network you will need to click (or hover your mouse) on the Content menu and then afterwards select the Layouts option. When you have done this you will be taken into the Layout Manager.

Layouts can be found by entering any of the following pieces of information:

  • The name given to the layout.
  • Any tag keywords that have been added and associated with the layout.
  • To initiate a search either click the “Enter” key or hit the blue “Search” button.

Understanding the Results of a Layout Search

When you have performed a search for layouts your results will be returned into the Layout Manager and will be displayed to you as shown below:

The returned results will appear in order and will be presented with the design of the overall layout and also the name. To be taken into the layout you can click on the relevant boxes and you will be directed into the Layout Creator.

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